22 July 2010

Weil J'ai Kein Dinero, Juego Mit Felsen

Wow this whole 'job' thing really interferes with my internet time.  I'm not sure I approve.  In fact I don't approve of doing anything for 13 hours a day, but yanno there are times a girl needs some cash.  But I don't have to toil away alone.  No, no i have a buddy.


 aka Dr. Sleepy Paws

Being the good lab cat, he knows his place.  He's minding the ceramics while they dry.  I suppose the work is okay, boring and tedious but exactly what you might expect from a Ukrainian prison camp if your idea of a Ukrainian prison camp involves big tough men, beating big rocks into smaller ones, then moving them about for no apparent reason.  Ok, I'm not big and I'm not a man, and I'm not smashing rocks, and I am analysing them but other than that it is exactly the same.  To date I have moved, sorted and counted two and a half tons of lithics.  Did I mention that I'm an osteologist?  I like bones, not stones.

Even though I spend my days toiling at least I get to see mi vampiro (i suppose I need a new name for him, not that he is active during the day and he has stopped leaving bites on my neck.  feel free to mek suggestions)  at night.  Well some nights, if he isn't too tired (apparently I am quite tiring.  And here I thought I was just fun) and he's not in the jungle. 

I asked Jah for a gud conscious man, who is humble and playful, who is not materialistic or judgemental or hypocritical.  And he is all those things but i still wonder if things will work out between us.  He worries about the future of mankind, I'm afraid I'm gonna pee on myself in public.  Just not the same category.


Old Kitty said...

Aww but you sound funnier! :-)

Dr. Sleepy Paws is ADORABLE!! You really can't go wrong with such cutie - what a sweetie!! So glad he's with you to keep you company whatever time of the day it is!

Ooooh a new name for Mi Vampiro? Er.. twilight man?? Sorry it's the vampire thing!!

Anyway - good luck with your job - I had to look up what an osteologist was - ahem! - so now I know!!!! Bones might turn up in ye olde rocks maybe?

Hang on in there - great to "see" you back in blogworld!!
take care

RA said...

You made me LOL, as always. Thanks to powers that be you are back! :)
A new name for Ti Vampiro? How about Indiana or Whiphand?

Madame DeFarge said...

Cute cat. I'm impressed by your level of worry. It seems entirely appropriate for a lady to worry about unexpected leakage.