05 June 2010

Belize, and Ebola, and Zombies. Oh My!

Only a few days until i leave for Belize, bought my plane snacks and i am actually taking a few things for mi vampiro.  I never take things for people, never even offer.  For one simple reason, everyone you have ever met will ask for something and so will their cousin or uncle or mama, even if you don't know them.  Clothes, car parts, phones, computer parts, chickens, cheese.  Car parts are big.  I've had a guy I don't like ask i bring down a transmission for him.  The fecker doesn't have a car!  So either it's a big step I asked mi vampiro if he needed anything or else I am an utter loon.


My ass hurts, my legs ache, my head is stuffy, ears so clogged I can't hear properly, my nose is completely closed off but yet there is a steady stream of snot running from my right nostril.  I'm infected.  I know this because I check the tissue every time I blow my nose.  I'm a lady, I am.   I'm sure it's ebola.  Ok, it's a sinus infection.  I tend to get a little clingy when I'm ill, I think I subconsciously believe that I can pass on all my pathogens to someone else and heal myself.  If I could just lay about and sleep that would be groovy, but that ain't gonna happen.  Why can't someone help me????  Seriously If Lucrezia Borgia showed up with a bowl of soup, I'd take that chance.


Buju asked me this morning if i loved mi vampiro.  Yes, i told him.  Well how do you know?  Because when the zombie apocalypse comes,  i would go to get him.  Wow, he said, you do love him, cuz that is stupid.

That's my boy, always ready to make the tough decisions!!!


RA said...

Oh, poor thing! All of a sudden I am not so evious of your going to Belize. Still, do take care and most of all, enjoy Belize. :)

Old Kitty said...

Oh golly - I hope your sinus infection goes away soon! You need to be healthy for Belize and your vampiro!! Please take care and get better - rest, rest, rest!

Here's hoping the zombie apocalypse waits awhile while you recover!

Take care