29 May 2010

Frankie Said To Relax, But I Don't Think This is Right.

Wow!  I knew it had been a long time since I posted, but I didn't think it had been three weeks.  I wish it was because I got a new job, or I was writing a brilliant novel, or I've globe trotting, or having martini's by the pool with a very fit 1950's Richard Widmark.  Sigh.  But no, life here has be B-O-R-I-N-G boring.  I haven't been bothered by the mundacity, no wait I mean mundanity.  Maybe a girl should pick up a dictionary every once in a while.  Anyhoo I was saying that I haven't been bothered by the boring nature of my existence.  In fact I hadn't noticed until I was chatting with mi vampiro. 

him  -   Just got back from a three day trip to Chiqibul cave.  Have a trip with the New Mexico students tomorrow, wish I could go with them to Tobacco Caye, but I have to standby for work.  Heading down to PG for the cacao festival.  What's been going on with you this week?

me -  I washed my hair.


me- ok, love you bye-bye.

Is it too much yoga?  Is it possible to be so relaxed, you can watch your life disappear into your navel?

I better enjoy it this week, because the week after I head back to Belize.  It will be nice to have a job that doesn't involve scrubbing toilets.  I hope mi vampiro is drinking up his baba root and his tiger bone.  I have a feeling all this resting is going to give me quite an energy boost.


Old Kitty said...

I say it's all in perspective! I reckon you are building and gathering up your energy levels to be the bestest condition you will ever be for Belize.

So good luck with this! :-)

Take care

RA said...

Yes, it's the yoga! You are going zen and have just figured out what patience really is all about.... :D

Zen Adventurist said...

Watching your life disappear into your navel sounds about very appealing right now. Please write a book on how to do this with your upcoming energy boost.

Relyn said...

Headed to Belize? I am feeling a bit jealous just now.

Madame DeFarge said...

Yoga seems a strange way to spend your life. Too much bending for me I think. Enjoy Belize. And watch out for the bends.