02 May 2010


I have a technology problem.  I'm not a person who has to have the latest gadget, or the fastest computer.  Shucks,  I have duct tape on my computer.  I can live with or without technology, but when it is availible I would like it to work properly.  Now I understand, these devices can be delicate and require a sensitive touch.  I admit in the past I have thrown my share of cell phones, radios, tv's.  I don't always use a light touch on those frangible buttons, but I am not talking about so called 'normal' wear and tear.  There is no electronic device in this house that works like it should.  The 7  key does not work on my laptop.  I can pop off the keys and clean it.  It will work, for a few days and then if I'm lucky it will cease to function.  More often a different letter stops working and I have to adjust to that, so I just leave well enough alone. 

The volume down button is broken on the tv, we have to use two of the same remotes to operate the cable, because they both have several buttons that don't work.  I had a cell phone for a year that was missing the entire keypad.  I carried around toothpicks so I could dial it.  The entire electrical system in my car is shot, the light socket along two sides of our lounge are dead, the Playstation only works at an angle, and the battery on my laptop lasts 18 minutes.   That list covers the things I can see from my car.  You get the idea.   Normally  it doesn't bother me.  I am used to these little eccentricities.  That is until we got Netflix streaming for the Wii.    It worked great for two days, now I can't get the damn thing to connect.  Or if it does connect, it won't play the film. I tried changing the channel on the router, I tried them all.  Didn't help.  I moved the router and the Wii.  I jumped on one foot and I pleaded with it.  It was still refusing me.   

It's not just my house either.  While I was staying with mi vampiro, the only two electrical devices in his house, the fan and the radio, both had issues.  I am happy to report, they are both fine now that I am in the States.  I simply must accept that I have bad electro gris-gris.  I wonder if I am part wizard?


Old Kitty said...

Part wizard only??

I think you are on your way to full fledged one!

Or indeed to a new type of super power like in Heroes!!!

Wouldn't that be amazing?

I'm still smiling at the image of you walking around with toothpicks to dial your mobile!

Which makes me wonder where does one get toothpicks these days?

Good luck with your equipment - I'm so sorry they all seem to have issues! but the Wii thingy not working is most annoying.

Take care

Ann said...

I have problems with appliances..anything you plug into a wall. I can fully relate and I sympathize!