28 April 2010

More Very Bad No Good Parenting

My elder son Sean has been grounded.  Week one was a total tv blackout, however week two he is allowed more 'educational' type tv.  I loaded up the Netflix instant queue with documentaries and went about my business.  I come back in the lounge to see him watching Tremors 2.  'Seriously my beloved?' I asked.  'Dude, they are Precambrian.'

Now I could have told him to turn it off.  I could have asked him about the Precambrian era.  I could have even asked him why he was calling me 'dude'.  Did I do any of these things?  No.  I said tell me three ways to avoid the worms and three ways to kill them that are not in the film, whilst I make the popcorn.


rxBambi said...

bahahahaha! I love it. That is NOT bad parenting. I love that he knew that word :)

I admit - I had to look it up... so much for my private school education...

Old Kitty said...

"If you can't...er.. beat em join em!"

Hope you had a fun time with the worms..!!!


Take care

Ann said...

Sounds like a good move to me. I agree with Kitty.

Stacie's Madness said...

oh, he's smart!!! Lmao.

thanks for your comment.